The Concept

I look forward to Thursdays. I love walking into Richardson and seeing familiar faces, ready to discuss topics related to the specialty that I adore. The ritual of Grand Rounds will never get old but this site might help it evolve!

The Issue

Senior residents put an extraordinary amount into preparing for Grand Rounds and Journal Club. Their reviews are thought-provoking, discussion-inciting and sometimes practice-changing for those who attend. Unfortunately, busy schedules, off-service rotations and clinical duties make it impossible for all members of the department to be there in real-time. Furthermore, we are usually discussing issues that would benefit from collaboration with our specialist counterparts but again, scheduling makes their physical presence challenging to coordinate. We’ve been wondering:

Can we extend the discussion beyond the walls of Richardson Theatre? Can we offer a place for asynchronous engagement in Grand Rounds and Journal Club? Can we find a way for junior residents to be more involved?

Offering a Solution

We believe that the answer to all of the above questions is “Yes!”. Posts in the Journal Club and Grand Rounds sections will highlight content and the Our People posts will highlight the awesome folks that make up the QEmerg crew. These posts are not meant to replace attendance because nothing beats a good face-to-face discussion. Nothing beats the ritual of Rounds. We do hope, however, that these summary posts will:

  •  highlight a few key points from each session to bring those not in attendance into the loop
  • create space for ongoing discussion for those who wish they had added something to the conversation
  •  act as a space where we could request input from those outside of the department

This website will be junior resident led meaning that summaries from sessions will come be written by junior residents and approved by the seniors presenting. This process will provide active learning opportunities for juniors and a great way to start our involvement in these important departmental events.


This website is a work in progress and designed with QEmerg residents, physicians and staff in mind. We want to know what you like and what you don’t. Any and all feedback welcome – help the ritual evolve!