Summer Rounds: Ultimate Introduction to Ultrasound

The posts over the summer months are going to change in format! The structure of our academic program in the summer is such that we cover core topics and skills in emergency medicine in weekly, daylong sessions. We will either pick something interesting from the session to focus on or provide a look at some available online resources for each session.

Our first 2016 summer series session was an ultrasound extravaganza to give the newcomers to QEmerg a feel for ultrasound, the basic concepts and get them ready to start acquiring scans. It also gave those with some experience the chance to practice and teach as well! We covered the aorta scan, subxiphoid view, FAST and gyne scans. Thanks to Louise, Joey and Connor for putting on an awesome session with tons of hands on time! If you had fun on the day here are a few neat articles and resources you might want to check out.

  • SonoMojo provides an outlined curriculum of basic ultrasoScreen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.56.15 AMund skills with links to podcasts and videos to brush up on the basics. I especially like their cheat sheets for a quick reminder.
  • One Minute Ultrasound is an app that provides quick
    reminders of key landmarks and techniques.
  • Matt and Mike’s ultrasound podcast is great or check out their awesome iBOOK “Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound”  complete with videos, it truly is an unreal learning tool.
  • Tons more FREE ultrasound resources are outlined on this LITFL blog post

Feel free to add your favourite ultrasound resources in the comments section below but don’t forget, none are a substitute for hands on probe time with teachers showing you the ropes! Happy scanning!

Author: Eve Purdy

PGY2 in Emergency Medicine with added interests in online learning environments, paediatrics and anthropology. Outside of the department she strums a guitar occasionally and dog sits as often as she can.

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