Summer Series: the Art of Regional Anesthesia

This is the final summer series post for 2016! We ended the season with a great session on nerve blocks followed by an adventure to the Agnes Etherington Art Centre for a session on art appreciation.

Below is an infographic, created by Andrew Helt, that can act as a quick reminder of the types of nerve blocks that you can use. You can check out Vault Ultrasound or keep Joey’s sheet handy by taking a picture of it and adding it as a favourite on your phone for more in-depth reminders at the point of care.

regional-anesthesia regional-anesthesia

After learning about nerve blocks we headed across campus to Agnes Etherington. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out you should go! The curators were setting up new installations while we were there so it is sure to be enjoyable.  In case you are skeptical about this as a component of our academic curriculum, I will direct you to these resources discussing the value of humanities in medical education here, here and here.

The summer series was a great introduction (for some) and return (for others) to the foundations of emergency medicine. We are looking forward to the academic year ahead!

Author: Eve Purdy

PGY2 in Emergency Medicine with added interests in online learning environments, paediatrics and anthropology. Outside of the department she strums a guitar occasionally and dog sits as often as she can.

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