Exploring the Spectrum of Burnout to Wellness

Just in time for #CAEPWellness2017 Mikayla presented at Grand Rounds on the topic of Burnout to Wellness.She presented a great deal of literature on the topic and made a convincing case for finding ways to help each other thrive.

My favourite part of the presentation was when she displayed word clouds made from our group’s responses to a quick survey she had sent ahead of time. The words below represent how our group manifests burnout.

Better yet was her forward-looking, optimistic look at how we might thrive! Mikayla highlighted some things our department already does and pointed to a couple of other institutions and online discussions on the topic including the ALiEM Journal Club “Thriving, Not surviving, in Residency“. This word cloud displays the strategies that our group uses to get and stay well.

At the end of the day as institutions, friends, colleagues, peers, and individuals we have the ability to support each other in being the best version of ourselves possible. At QEmerg we will continue to find ways, big and small, to navigate the spectrum of burnout to thriving.

Check out information about International Emergency Medicine Wellness Week with lots of available resources and important discussions here. Please add your favourite wellness hacks below!

Author: Eve Purdy

PGY2 in Emergency Medicine with added interests in online learning environments, paediatrics and anthropology. Outside of the department she strums a guitar occasionally and dog sits as often as she can.

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